Serving all Indian ports, your satisfaction is our Motto.

Liferaft Servicing

We offer and coordinate inspections according to the requirements and all kind of repairs for all of their life raft types of Liferaft Servicing. We require a high level of applied and organizational know-how and the same in many classes.

Liferafts are always important in the case of emergencies, get your life raft serviced for the best functioning.

Quality Services.

We offer both leisure and commercial liferafts to meet you requirements. We offer a 24 hour service and can arrange collection nationwide. We can provide the hire, sale and service of various types of liferafts ranging in size from 4 to 100 persons in round container or flat packs depending on your requirements.

Our high-quality activities are continuously tested by all exclusive Classification Societies, Flag State Administrations, and Testing and Certification Authorities for ISO9001:2008 Management.

Chipping and Painting

To protect that our works are accepted standards, we take out necessary testing and certifications to meet on Classification Societies requirements. We render to serve you with our massive and skill-full team of professionals for custom-made products and the services for completely any sort of specifications.
With our up to date painting and chipping tools, we can renew your ship/boat like brand new. Quality has always been our first priority.

Chipping and Painting done with high quality tools and Paints

We provide fine chipping and painting services, by using high quality tools and paint, we provide maximum consumer satisfaction and provisions. Our crew is experienced and can service your Ship/Boat with precision.
Our Certified Engineers and Technicians will see that works fulfill our clients’ stringent requirements.

Ship Chandlers

Providing Ship Chandler Services With High Efficiency. Our professional take care of damaged parts on structural fiberglass hull, load testing, servicing and installation of lifting hook ‘on-load’ release gears, overhaul of winch and brake system, renewal of wire falls, complete painting of the boat, maintenance of propulsion and steering mechanism, engine overhaul, servicing of sheaves and blocks and all other associated works.


With our experienced crew and branches stretches across various Indian Ports, we provide one of the best services with consumer’s satisfaction as always our first priority.


  • Repair Tools and working accessories.
  • Machinery and Spares.
  • Air-conditioned Containers used for provision items.
  • Imported Electronics such as TVs, Computer Hardware, Refrigerators, Microwave ovens and many more. 
  • Raw Meat, Vegetables, Food items, Olive Oil, Dry Fruits and other eatables. (Fresh/Frozen)
  • Grocery Items.
  • Milk and Milk products.
  • Food Supply for working crew.
  • Water bottles and Fresh Juices.
  • Spices and Herbs.
  • Bonded tinned meat, fish and many more.
  • Bonded Meat (Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Fish, Prawns, etc).
  • Food dressings and vinegar.
  • Breads, Cakes, Pastries, Yoghurt, Ice Creams etc.
  • Soft Drinks and Fresh Juices.
  • Garbage and Waste removal from Ships/Boats.
  • Essentials objects for shipping operations such as Ropes, Spare Motors, Gas cylinders, Life-raft services and many more. 
  • Ship accessories fixing i.e Lights, Lamps, Electronics etc. 
We are very established and firm to offer timely service to all our customers.

Motor Rewinding

We careful to achieve customer’s fulfill satisfaction, hence today we are the most experienced & desired service provider. We can offer small, tightly-knit units of technicians with the capacity of working under the tight schedules and guarantee peak performance.
With our good engineering team, we can rewind and repair any kind of motor in our boat or ship.

Motor rewinding done with Skilled workers.

A2Z Ship Stores is engaged in providing repairing service for optimum quality range of Power Alternators, Lift Motors, Pneumatic Welding Machines etc. The offered products are Serviced and repaired by using quality tested equipment and advanced technology in compliance with set industry norms. Moreover, we also provide Motor Rewinding Service, Motor Repairing Service, Motor Job Work, Welding Job Work, etc. These services are rendered by our skilled professionals who have immense expertise in the domain.

These are skilled people who understand the requirements of avoiding time loss, schedule delays so that your ships can keep running and remain profitable.

Offshore In India

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